Memberz.Org Revamps Noticeboard

Memberz.Org‘s Noticeboard feature, which initially enabled organizations on the platform to share information with the members in a Facebook like Newsfeed, has seen some important upgrades and changes. These changes will now all members of organizations to also post their own notices to the board. These changes are expected to allow more seamless communication between administrators and members and provide an avenue for members to share information more directly with each other.

Members and administrators can post links to external content and have them embedded into the notice they are posting for a richer content experience. All who view the content can also “Like” and “Comment” on the posts to increase content engagement and ranking. And with the notification features already built into the platform, members will be notified appropriately when new comments are posted to any of their posts.

New users who aren’t members of any organization can post and comment to the publicly available Memberz.Org Noticeboard, which is administered by the team behind the platform, who moderate the content on the board to remove NSFW and inappropriate content on the platform. These changes are expected to significantly improve user engagement on the platform and drive them to use many of the other features on the platform, such as the in-app payment feature, Bulk SMS messaging and events.

Users who would like to create their own Noticeboard will need to sign up their organization to the platform for free. The team promises more features and upgrades in the coming months depending on the usage of the features. So sign up today and let us know what you think of these changes and upgrades.