How To: Setup Member Groups In Your Organization


With Memberz.Org you can create groups which reflect the real life groups memberz belong to with your Organization.

To set these up,

  1. Log into Memberz.Org and sign in to your organization via the 2nd step authentication.
  2. Go to your Organization Settings by clicking on your organization name at the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Under the settings section,  choose Groups.
  4. In the small groups section you must define group types and then the create groups underneath these types.
  5. Additionally you can specify the leaders of these groups by clicking on the group to see the details.

Some example of group types and groups are:

  • Committee
    • Home Coming
    • Organizing
    • Handing Over
  • Ministry
    • Singing
    • Ushering
    • Drama
  • Study Group
    • Laser Brothers
    • Accra West
    • Mountain Top

The possibilities are endless so give it a spin.

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