Updates: Memberz.Org is expected to be VISA enabled.

Memberz.Org was launched a month ago and it is experiencing exciting moments with its subscribers. In view of this Matrix Designs the developers of Memberz.Org is geared up to make the entire system extremely user friendly and more productive.
Speaking to the Senior Developer and CEO of MXDGH he hinted on some upcoming updates which they are working on for release in the month of September 2015.

Are we to expect anything new on Memberz.org in the coming month?

“We are looking out to update the application with a Payment Platform for VISA and Mobile Money Payments. We will also enhance the system to enable bulk uploads of contribution entries. There will be other bug fixes which will improve the appearance and make the users enjoy using the application.”

Speaking more on the upcoming updates he said “the payment platform is to make it easier and provide a more convenient means to make payments for subscriptions and SMS top-ups.”

“In the future, we will allow various members of organizations to make contributions through our platform to the organizations. This will facilitate donations and other fund raising schemes by the institutions and organizations using Memberz.” He added.

He quickly added “the application will not be used for Money Transfer but a collection facility for organizations. This is because it will not facilitate member to member fund transfers.”

Why the need to enhance the functionality of the bulk uploads?

He explained, “Working directly on the platform is easy and quick, but sometimes if the entries are many, the entry process becomes inefficient. To make the process faster and easier for institutions with large members in their account. We are creating a function that will enable users upload bulk information into the system via an excel document.

What other updates and bug fixes are we to expect?

“The other updates that will be introduced will be improvements on the contributions entry functionality that was introduced in August.

There are other minor issues with generating reports which will be addressed. Lastly some minor visual tweaks will also be made to make using the application more enjoyable across all devices.”