Happy Fathers’ Day: Building Memberz.Org on the Principles of My Father

Enjoy a special blog post on this Fathers’ Day about the principles on which Memberz.Org is built, written by the Co-Founder of Matrix Designs, Bernard Adu-Gyamfi

For some years, we have been building a product. Not just a product but a solution to the problem of data acquisition and storage for organizations that needed an efficient way to help them manage their membership. That journey began with our first java-built software called “Membership Management Plus; Powered by MXD” which started the dream of our company Matrix Designs (MXDGH) and now this product has been transformed into the global cloud software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, Memberz.Org.

Having attended “the Glory of the Coast, the school of whom we boast”, my brother and I together with some friends were exposed to an opportunity of a lifetime when we participated in the World Link Program and subsequently the MIT Holiday Programming Trainings where we developed our love for all things technology; graphic design, web design and programming languages of HTML and Java. This spurred us on to embark on a programming journey to build a world class solution that started after we completed Achimota School.

We discovered that in order to build world class solution, it must be built on principles that would enable it stand the test of time. Hence, we looked to our father for the inspiration for the principles that would enable us build a world class product. Hence, these are the principles on which Memberz.Org was built; these are the principles learnt from my Father, Rev. Dr. Ernest Adu-Gyamfi:

  1. Vision: Rev. Ernest Adu-Gyamfi is a man of vision. He believed that one needed to always have a vision for everything you do especially before you start. This principle he inculcated into us from a very young age where we had to explain whatever we want to do and justify it to him before we would be granted permission to proceed. This principle of vision enable us to develop analytical and critical thinking skills which has always come in handy when confronted with challenges.

    Thus, before we began building memberz.org we needed to understand identify the problems and challenges organizations with members encountered. This enabled us to develop a truly world class platform that is multi-organizational and hence suitable for religious bodies or groups, alumni bodies, associations, societies, schools and parent-teacher associations, membership-related businesses like gyms and communities of members while also possessing capabilities to be used as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool.
  1. Record-Keeping: Rev. Ernest Adu-Gyamfi is a meticulous record keeper. He keeps records all personal, household and business records such as incomes, expenses, school books and notes and all manner of relevant documents. He also wanted such records to be organized and filed accordingly and stored properly. Growing up, we would sometimes feel that his behavior was quite excessive. However, we have come to appreciate that for leaders to be successful in running any organization, they must have access to ready, updated and credible information, organized, stored and easily accessible when needed.

    Hence, this became the under-pinning principle at the heart and core of memberz.org and why we choose to build our solution on cloud technology. Hence, the platform was developed to enable membership organizations keep proper and accurate records of everything pertaining to such organizations, such as membership data, birth dates, financial records, attendance records and any other record pertaining to their general running. But most importantly, we made sure that by using the power of the cloud space, such information would be ready available and accessible from anywhere in the world; at home or at work, in Ghana or anywhere in the world, whether browsing behind a PC or on-the-go via a mobile responsive website, memberz.org is enabling leaders take control of their organizations seamlessly.
  1. Transparency and Integrity: Everyone who know Rev. Ernest Adu-Gyamfi would know that he is a man of integrity and generally an open and transparent person. Always willing and ready to account for his actions and his stewardship. For twenty-five (25) plus years in building the ministry of Charismatic Baptist Church, we watched as he always ensured that weekly he and the church leadership accounted for incomes received and expenses made and regularly and periodically subject himself and the church leadership for accountability at the church’s general assembly. Hence, this principle of transparency is a fundamental principle of memberz.org and explained by the two (2) principles below:
    • Accountability: Memberz.Org allows organization leadership to keep members informed about resource acquisition through SMS alerts. For example, a church or alumni association can enable SMS alerts for both recurrent and special payments like tithes or monthly dues as well as donations so that anytime a member makes such a payment, that member is duly notified via SMS. This ensures members can have confidence in their leadership and continue to fulfil their financial obligations to sustainably further the cause of the organizations.
    • Communication: My Father believes in regularly communicating and updating members and stakeholders on issues, decisions, outcomes and even challenges. Hence, we developed memberz.org with an integrated messaging capability to ensure that leaders and administrators had a way of providing their members with information regularly. Thus, messages can be broadcast via SMS to all members or specific sub-groups or category of members for announcements, birthday wishes, reminders and transactional alerts when members make payments to their organizations.
  1. Professionalism and Good (Corporate) Governance: Having studied and worked professionally as an Accountant in the early years of his career, Rev. Ernest Adu-Gyamfi ensured that he was professional in his dealings with people and expected the same from subordinates. Thus, he believed in ensuring segregation of duties and dual controls for checks and balances in the operations of every business or organization he managed.

    Thus, memberz.org was developed with a comprehensive roles and profile setup that enables organizations to ensure segregation of duties and dual controls. This ensures that finance personnel can be limited to the finance aspects of the platform and administrators can be limited to membership management duties as the organization sees fit or deems appropriate.
  1. Innovation and continuous improvement: My father said one thing that has always remained with me. He said, “It is good and advisable that every few years, you change the way your bedroom looks and feels; you can either move things around or introduce new things or do both to give your room a new look and feel”. This principle of innovating your situation from time to time is the heartbeat of memberz.org, coupled with the high standards he set for us continually spurs us on to improve and innovate our product to make it truly world class.

    First, we began by developing a multi or cross organization platform for capturing and storing membership data. Second, we integrated it with SMS messaging to enable organization send announcements and birthday wishes to members. Then we introduced financial recording and tracking for incomes and subsequently enable SMS to deliver e-receipts to members in any organization. We also integrated our payment portal with MPower and SlydePay from SMSGH and DreamOval respectively with further plans to integrate more payment solutions. Finally, we introduced self-registration for members and then enabled memberz.org to be used as registration platform for organizations as well as their events.

Of the many roles a father is expected to play in the lives of his children and family, it is most important that a father lays the down the right principles for his children to emulate. Where a father is able to do this such that his children use these principles to impact the lives of people and generation, then that father is truly special and by all standards, a great man.

On this father day, I use this opportunity to congratulate and salute our father, Rev. Dr. Ernest Adu-Gyamfi for the principles that he imparted to my brother and I as well as to the rest of the team at Matrix Designs to enable us develop Memberz.Org.

So if you are a religious body, school, parent teacher association, alumni association, gym, business, community or organizational group is looking for a membership management solution, then look no further than Memberz.Org for a truly world class membership management solution built on the principles of a great man; my father – Rev. Dr. Ernest Adu-Gyamfi. Happy Father’s Day!