5 New Features You Will Want Try Out Today

We’ve had an awesome 2015 and look forward to 2016 with great hope and determination to make great things happen.

We are starting off 2016 by letting you know some great new features that have been rolled out on the platform in the last few weeks. These include:

  1. Member Portal
  2. Share Registration Form Feature
  3. Member Invitations
  4. SMS Receipts For Contributions
  5. Events Management

1. Member Portal Now Active

Member Portal
Member Portal

We’ve enabled the member portal space this gives users a nice clean area to be able to “Discover Organizations” on the platform, “See Upcoming Events and Birthdays” and learn more about Memberz.Org in general. We’ll continue to update that space every month with new features and functionality so stay tuned for more.

2. Share Functionality for Registration Forms

Share Registration Form Feature
Share Registration Form Feature

You can now share registration forms to Facebook and Twitter directly to get members to quick register to join your organization.

Members can also create their personal accounts after registration so you can communicate with them via the platform. Members who have accounts on the platform will show a Blue Tick by their names on various screens.

3. Member Invitations

Invite members to join memberz.org
Invite members to join memberz.org

You can now invite existing members in your database to join you on Memberz.Org to also benefit from the new wave of membership management. When member join the platform, they can now see upcoming events you choose to share as well as birthdays of other members on the platform. Members will also be able to view the history of contributions they have made to your organization and in the near future be able to contribute via the platform as well.

Invitations via email are free, however, invitations via SMS will require you to have credit on your account.

4. SMS Receipts For Member Contributions

Contribution Receipt via SMS Feature
Contribution Receipt via SMS Feature

You can now enable a new feature, Send SMS Receipts under the “Finances -> Settings” area. When enabled, you can choose to send an entry receipt via SMS to a member when you record a ‘Member Specific’ contribution, i.e. contributions tied directly to a member. This is a great tool to enable your members feel confident about their administration and encourage them to contribute more often, since it offers greater transparency in the contributions process.

SMS messages sent will show up in the history area for Instant Messages.

Contribution Receipt via SMS - History
Contribution Receipt via SMS – History

Please note: SMS Receipts require credit on your account to be able to send messages.

5. Events Management

We’ve added the first phase of our events management feature. With this functionality, you will be able to create and share information about upcoming events in your organization.

Events Management Dashboard
Events Management Dashboard Showing Upcoming Events and Birthdays

With the events management dashboard, you can create multiple calendars and add events to each. Events in a particular calendar show in distinct colors which are configurable. There is also a default “Birthdays” calendar than when enabled, will display all upcoming birthdays in the calendar area.

Member Events Portal

Events you create will show up in the member portal and in the events specific area of the member portal. In the near future, we’ll enable functionality for members to join paid events and purchase tickets online. Stay tuned for those features.

Other Features and Improvements

  • Picture Uploads: Members can now upload their pictures when they sign into the platform
  • Blue Ticks: When viewing member databases, members with accounts on the platform will be displayed with a blue tick next to their name.

So sign up today and be one of the first to try the new features out.

Got any feedback?

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