Updates: Memberz.Org is expected to be VISA enabled.

Memberz.Org was launched a month ago and it is experiencing exciting moments with its subscribers. In view of this Matrix Designs the developers of Memberz.Org is geared up to make the entire system extremely user friendly and more productive.
Speaking to the Senior Developer and CEO of MXDGH he hinted on some upcoming updates which they are working on for release in the month of September 2015. Continue reading “Updates: Memberz.Org is expected to be VISA enabled.”

How To: Create & Manage Multiple Organisations

With Memberz.Org you have the ability to manage data for up to 3 organizations you belong to. What this means is that you can CREATE and OWN up to 5 organizations on the platform and switch between organizations as needed.

Each organization you set up is unique and can have their own Membership Categories, Groups, Anniversaries, Contribution Types and more. Continue reading “How To: Create & Manage Multiple Organisations”