6 New Things Added To Memberz.Org This Year

It’s often easy to overlook progress you are making especially when that progress is in baby steps. So we want to take this time to look back and appreciate all the progress we’ve made this year on the platform.

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Unexpected Service Failure. Sorry. Growing Pains

We would like to apologize for the unexpected service failure with our Finances Module, specifically in our Income Tracking and Reporting features. This was due some poorly implemented software features that were not identifiable initially due to our smaller user base.

Our user base and stored data is growing so some of these issues will crop up over time, but we are working hard to nip those issues in the bud with our monthly releases, which not only add new features, but address performance issues such as these.

We pledge to continue to offer the best possible services moving forward. Should issues such as these crop up any time in the future, you can reach us via:

  • Email: support@memberz.org
  • In App via the “Live Chat Feature”

Thanks, and Happy New Year from us all @ Memberz.Org


Personalized, Dynamic and Automated SMS Messaging

Membership Management need not only be about how data goes into your platform, but also about how it gets out. Again, communication is key when managing memberships in an organization, and personalized communication offers real value to members and boosts participation and involvement in activities. To that end, we’ve been make several updates to the Memberz.Org platform to make communication via SMS more personal, dynamic and automated.

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Happy Fathers’ Day: Building Memberz.Org on the Principles of My Father

Enjoy a special blog post on this Fathers’ Day about the principles on which Memberz.Org is built, written by the Co-Founder of Matrix Designs, Bernard Adu-GyamfiContinue reading “Happy Fathers’ Day: Building Memberz.Org on the Principles of My Father”

Memberz.Org Adds More Features For Your Fund Management

The team is always working behind the scenes to improve your experience with the platform and we are glad to announce some pretty neat new additions to help you reach your membership management goals and grow your community.

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5 Things Learned Working On Memberz.Org

Earlier last week, our senior developer, Francis Adu-Gyamfi shared some insights into some of the lessons learned whiles working on the Memberz.Org platform. These thoughts range from topics such as Team Work, Social Media Marketing and the return on Investment when new features are introduced into the platform

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Memberz.Org + MPower = Awesomeness

We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes trying to improve Memberz.Org in many different ways based on feedback from you our cherished users and we believe you should find many new updates to make things easier and more comprehensive to use.
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